Welcome to Love as a Service

Guided by our deeply held belief in love, generosity, and inclusivity, we - ❤aaS adopters, are cultivating a tech community that breaks away from traditional models.

Embracing the Ubuntu philosophy of shared humanity, and inspired by SaaS methodology, ❤aaS is a nurturing network of selfless, non-profit projects that transcend boundaries, serving all freely, regardless of community affiliation.

Here, every line of code, every interaction, and every collaboration resonates with the power of love. Join us as we journey to redefine the tech landscape into a more welcoming, human-focused arena, where technology serves not just as a tool but as a catalyst for connection, understanding, and, above all, love.


So, what exactly is ❤aaS?

It’s a non-profit community, not a company. It’s a movement, not a product. It’s a philosophy, not a technology. It’s an initiative to make the tech world a better place for everyone. More human, more inclusive, more loving and more generous, while still being efficient and productive.

How does ❤aaS work?

It’s a community of people who share the same values and principles. It’s a network of projects that are built on top of these values and principles. It’s a movement that is open to everyone who wants to join and contribute.

What are the values and principles of ❤aaS?

The ❤aaS philosophy is based on the values, postulates and principles defined in ❤aaS Manifesto.

Who can participate in ❤aaS work?

Everyone is welcomed. Everyone can participate in the development of the network, and also everyone can use the network, regardless of their affiliation.

What are the values of ❤aaS?

The values are the core of the ❤aaS philosophy. They are the guiding principles that define the ❤aaS community and the ❤aaS projects, based on the Manifesto.

Open source Transparent Privacy-focused Community-driven
No ads No upsells No self-Promotion No exclusivity
Give before taking Resource optimization Accepting Donations Revenue redistribution
Open and inclusive Collaborative spirit Independent Shared ownership
Non-commercial Pure Love Leisurely crafted Service beyond software

Who is the owner of the ❤aaS, network and projects?

There is no owner. The ❤aaS network and projects are owned by the community. The ❤aaS community is a self-organized. There is no hidden agenda. There is no hidden owner. There is no hidden profit. There is no hidden interest. There is no hidden anything. Everything is transparent.

Community strives to have no individual ownership of anything. Community can choose to assign some accounts that are needed to run the ❤aaS network and the owners of these accounts are the community members who are responsible for the accounts. The sole reason for this is purely technical, to overcome security challenges. Community votes on the decisions regarding the accounts’ assignments and prefers rotating ownership assignments with multiple members. Anyone can apply to take a responsibility and suggest any improvements in this area.

Who is the leader of the ❤aaS community?

There is no leader. The ❤aaS community is a self-organized community. Community members volunteer to do the work and vote on the decisions.

How is ❤aaS governed?

The ❤aaS community is governed by the ❤aaS Manifesto and driven by the ❤aaS values and principles and the community doing the whole work.

How is ❤aaS funded?

Since ❤aaS is a non-profit community, it is funded by donations from the community. The ❤aaS community is a self-funded and it also accepts donations from external sources and supporters.

How ❤aaS handles finance?

The ❤aaS community is a self-organized community and it strives to be completely self-sustainable without any financial transactions. Financing can be solely made by individuals or legal entities that want to support the idea and purchasing resources directly with their own accounts for running ❤aaS. The resources can be listed on the ❤aaS website so anyone can make a direct purchase to fulfill ❤aaS needs.

How ❤aaS handles donations?

The donations are accepted by the community and redistributed to the projects and community or how the investors and community decide. The donations are accepted in any form, including also, hardware, software, services, etc.

❤aaS strives not to handle any finance itself thus not being a subject to any financial regulations. The owners of the pieces of ❤aaS resources can be legally bound to individuals or legal entities that want to support the idea and serve the resources on its behalf, serving as a piece of the whole picture.

Since the ownership is delicate matter, the community strives to have no individual ownerships on anything, find alternative solutions to solve these challenges, finding solution in the decentralization and blockchain, thus sharing and supporting the idea from the collective mindset which is the end goal.

How can I participate in ❤aaS?

You can join ❤aaS in the development of the network, directory or projects listed in the directory. You can also join ❤aaS by adopting the ❤aaS philosophy in your own projects. If your project adopts 100% all the ❤aaS values and principles, you can apply to give it away and share your project with the community ande becoming official ❤aaS project. The project will be then listed here in the official ❤aaS directory.

Does ❤aaS have any social accounts?

No, and it will never have. We don’t look for any ways to promote ❤aaS. The only way to promote ❤aaS is by word of mouth. Users can share more about the ❤aaS philosophy and values and the ❤aaS projects individually with their friends and colleagues but ❤aaS as a community will never have any social accounts nor will invest any efforts into marketing itself.

Where is ❤aaS community located?

The initial place is ❤aaS Github account since it’s needed to run the ❤aaS directory and the ❤aaS network, so it’s not bound to any individual account. Future projects can be forked to this account to continue all living in the same place. The Github account is owned by the community and the community members are responsible for the account and its content, it’s a starting point and it’s a subject to change over time.

We can also consider having a community account on some community platform, later. We strive to have a single place for the community to gather everyone in the same place if there’s a need for it in the future.

What is loveaas.com?

This is a website that serves as a directory of all ❤aaS projects. It is also a place where you can learn more about the ❤aaS philosophy and values and be updated on the news in the community. It serves as a starting point for anyone who wants to join the ❤aaS community, but the community can decide on its destiny or to move it to another domain or to another place. It is not owned by anyone, it is owned by the community. Any similar projects and directories are welcomed to join the ❤aaS network.

How does it sound to you?

This is how the ❤aaS philosophy is different from the traditional tech model, serving as a guiding light for all ❤aaS projects in the service of humanity.

Welcome to a future shaped by the forces of love and generosity.

Welcome to ❤aaS - Love as a service to humanity.

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